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Providing tree service to calgary and surrounding area

Twigs unltd is a Calgary based tree service. We have been serving the community since our beginning in 2009. Our goal is to provide quality tree pruning and tree removal to our customers at a fair price. A commitment to responsible horticultural practices is the bedrock twigs unltd was built on. We pride ourselves on being a no frills tree service, keeping it simple is paramount. Twigs aim is to stay low key, focusing most on tree work. Lower overhead creates lower prices for our customers. Owner Dustin Gray is the one who will provide the quote and then be there on the job site ensuring a quality job.Tree pruning, tree removal and stump removal are our speciality.

Twigs Unlimited is proud to call Calgary home. We have been providing tree removal, tree pruning, and stump removal to the city for 10 years. We love this city and we are custom fit to provide tree service to the home we have grown up in.

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Tree Pruning Calgary

If you are looking for tree removal or any other tree service in calgary

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If you are looking for an Arborist in Calgary, Twigs unlimited provides the following tree services.

Tree Service calgary

Tree Removal

When tree removal needs to be done, we can get tree removal done safely. No insurance claims in ten years.

Tree removal services calgary

Tree Pruning

Practicing proper tree pruning! Proper pruning cuts combined with an eye for detail is how we roll!

Stump Grinding & Removal

All stumps grinded below grade, stump grinding of surface roots too!


Try adding organic matter to tree beds as an alternative to nitrogen based fertilizers.

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