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Calgary Tree Service, Tree Removal, Pruning, Stump Removal, etc

by Twigs Unlimited

Twigs is a Calgary based tree removal service. We do tree removals, tree pruning, stump grinding and chipping in Calgary and surrounding regions. Our goal is to work hard and provide quality work for our clients at a fair price. We practice proper pruning! A commitment to responsible horticultural practices is the foundation this company was built on. Take a chance on us this cutting season; we believe we can provide positive tree service for you.

Cut it, chip it, and grind it.

- Twigs Unlimited

Remember if you find black knot this year prune it out!

Providing tree service to Calgary and surrounding area

We provide tree service Calgary wide, providing realiable stump removal, pruning services, dangerous / hazardous tree removal and other arborist related services. If you're in need of assistance please call (403)437-8944 or contact us via email here.

Be sure to ask about free fire wood and mulch. Organic wood chip mulch is great for tree and garden beds. The mulch breaks down and decomposes creating nutrient rich organic soil material which creates a healthy environment.

Twigs unltd is happy to introduce Calgary's first Crawler lift. The crawler 50 can fit through a span of 32 inches wide, it could fit through your front door if you wanted to. With 50 feet of working height the crawler 50 is the answer for working on difficult to access trees. The crawler 50 is a tracked lift with 7 psi per track thus leaving a minimal if any mark on lawns and patios. The crawler 50 is the answer for large technical tree removals as well as trees without bucket truck access.

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